Amren-Ja, Warrior-Queen: Dice Pool Version

Some time ago, GreyKnight wrote up Amren-ja, Warrior-Queen for Echelon. Things have changed somewhat since then, but I think it translates fairly well to the dice pool version.

Or it will, after I define what all the talents do.

Well, redefine what all the talents do, since the underlying mechanics have changed.

Amren-ja, Warrior-Queen

Amren-ja is the warrior queen of the desert kingdom of Emon. The sight of her golden chariot racing across the battlefield, pulled by two great tigers, puts many weaker enemies to flight. She is proud and stubborn, often ignoring the advice of her counsellors when they ask her not to ride to war personally. She has no heirs, but refuses all suitors who come seeking her hand, having found no worthy warrior amongst them. Her preferred weapon is a great double-headed bronze axe, with her royal sigils applied in pure gold. She also wields the legendary golden Bow of Sand, an heirloom of her line.

  • Level: 17 (Master; nominal D&D/PFRPG 9)
  • Base HP/MP: 21
  • Hit Points: 30 [Emon Warrior Tradition 5, Desert-Tempered 4]
    • Asp-skin mithril scale mail (5d10) of spell resistance
  • Magic Points: 28 [Divine Bloodline: Blood of Re 3, Iron Will 4]
  • Base Roll: 5d8

Saves (base 5d8)

  • Fort: 4d12+1d10 [Emon Warrior Tradition 5, Desert-Tempered 4]
  • Ref: 5d8
  • Will: 3d12+1d10+1d8 [Divine Bloodline: Blood of Re 3, Iron Will 4]

Skills (base 5d8)

  • Animal Handling: 2d10 + 3d8 [Animal Handling 2]
  • Diplomacy: 4d20 + 1d8 [Political Mastermind 4 + Natural Leader 4 + Ruler of the Land 4]
  • Intimidate: 3d12 + 2d8 [Overwhelming Presence 3 + Fierce Doom Rider 3]
  • Ride: 3d12+1d10+1d8 [Mounted Combat 4 + Fierce Doom Rider 3]
  • Survival: 5d8, 3d12+1d10+1d8 in desert [Emon Warrior Tradition 4, Desert-Tempered 3]

Combat (base 5d10) [Emon Warrior Tradition]

  • Axes: 5d12
    • Desert’s Bite¬†magic bronze greataxe of wounding (5d20, 3/4)
    • 4 Bronze Throwing Axes (1/2)
  • Spears: 4d12+1d10 (-4 movement penalties negated in chariot)
  • Bows: 3d12+2d10 (-3 movement penalties negated in chariot)
    • Bow of Sand magic flaming seeking longbow (3d20+3d12, 2+1 fire/2+1 fire)
  • Unarmed: 5d6

Casting (base 5d6)

  • Divine Magic: 1d10+2d8+2d6 [divine bloodline 3, cult-venerated 1]
    • Sun domain: 1d12+2d10+1d8+1d6 [Sun domain 4, divine bloodline 3, cult-venerated 1]

Equipment and Property




  • common: Axe Mastery
  • cornerstone: Emon Warrior Tradition (axes, chariots, spears; bumps Fort, bumps Survival in desert)


  • capstone: Ruler of the Land (Diplomacy)
  • common: Political Mastermind (Diplomacy)
  • common: Iron Will
  • common: Domain: Sun (no Will bump)
  • common: Mounted Combat (Ride, applies to missile combat in chariot)
  • common: Desert-Tempered (bumps Fort, -4 to fire damage, bumps Survival in desert)
  • cornerstone: Natural Leader (Diplomacy)


  • capstone: Fierce Doom Rider (Ride, Intimidate)
  • common: Overwhelming Presence (Intimidate)
  • common: Mounted Archery (Ride, applies to missile combat in chariot )
  • cornerstone: Divine Bloodline: Blood of Re (divine casting, bumps Will)


  • capstone: Cult-Venerated (divine casting, no Will bump because cultists are mad)
  • common: Animal Handling (Animal Handling)
  • common: Armor Proficiency (medium armor)
  • cornerstone: Noble Birth

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