Sample Character: Amren-ja, Warrior Queen: Advantage Dice System

Now that I’ve explored the new dice mechanic a bit, it’s time to see what a character might look like.

I’ll go back to Amren-ja, Warrior Queen. GreyKnight wrote her up as a test case using the d20-based rules, I later did a dice pool version, and now I’m going to do a third version using the new dice mechanic.

As with the other versions, I don’t know how everything works yet (such as magic weapons, or spell casting, or even what all the talents do), but this should give a feel for the shape of how things will look.

Amren-Ja, Warrior Queen

Amren-ja is the warrior queen of the desert kingdom of Emon. The sight of her golden chariot racing across the battlefield, pulled by two great tigers, puts many weaker enemies to flight. She is proud and stubborn, often ignoring the advice of her counsellors when they ask her not to ride to war personally. She has no heirs, but refuses all suitors who come seeking her hand, having found no worthy warrior amongst them. Her preferred weapon is a great double-headed bronze axe, with her royal sigils applied in pure gold. She also wields the legendary golden Bow of Sand, an heirloom of her line.

Talents Chosen
Champion (d12)
  • Axe Mastery
  • Cornerstone: Emon Warrior Tradition (axes, chariots, spears)
Heroic (d10)
  • Capstone: Ruler of the land (diplomacy)
  • Political Mastermind (diplomacy)
  • Iron Will
  • Domain: Sun
  • Mounted Combat (ride)
  • unassigned
  • Cornerstone: Natural Leader (diplomacy)
Expert (d8)
  • Capstone: Fierce Doom Rider (ride, intimidate)
  • Overwhelming Presence (intimidate)
  • Mounted Archery (ride)
  • Cornerstone: Divine Bloodline: Blood of Re (divine casting)
Basic (d6)
  • Capstone: Cult-Venerated (divine casting)
  • Animal Handling (animal handling)
  • Armor Proficiency (medium armor)
  • Cornerstone: Noble Birth


  • Level: 17 (Champion tier; nominal D&D/PFRPG 9)
  • Hit Points: 60 = 42 (level + tier*tier) + 18 [axe mastery 1/tier, Emon Warrior Tradition 2/tier, Fierce Doom Rider 1/tier]
  • Magic Points: 40 = 17+4+9 (level + tier + [Domain: Sun, Divine Bloodline, Cult-Venerated])
  • Base Roll: d10

Saves (base d12)

  • Fort: d12
  • Ref: d12
  • Will: d12+d10 [heroic Iron Will]
  • vs. spells (Fort, Ref, or Will): 2d12 [Asp-Skin, chain mail of spell resistance]

Skills (base d12)

  • Animal Handling: d12+d6 [basic Animal Handling]
  • Diplomacy: d12+3d10 [heroic Natural Leader, Political Mastermind, and Ruler of the Land]
  • Intimidate: d12+2d8 [expert Overwhelming Presence and Fierce Doom Rider]
  • Ride: d12+d10+d8 [heroic Mounted Combat, expert Fierce Doom Rider]

Combat (base d12)

  • Axes: 3d12 [champion Emon Warrior Tradition, Axe Mastery]
    • Desert’s Bite bronze greataxe of wounding
    • 4 Bronze Throwing Axes
  • Spears: 2d12 [champion Emon Warrior Tradition]
  • Bows: d12+d8 [expert Mounted Archery]
    • Bow of Sand seeking flaming longbow
  • Unarmed: d12

Casting (base d12)

  • Divine Magic: d12+d8+d6 [expert Divine Bloodline: Blood of Re, basic Cult-Venerated
    • Sun domain: d12+d10+d8+d6 [heroic Domain: Sun, expert Divine Bloodline, basic Cult-Venerated]

Equipment and Property



This is something of a worksheet that shows where all the dice come from (she gets four different dice when casting Sun Domain spells: her base d12 for tier, plus d10 for the Domain common, d8 for the expert Divine Bloodline cornerstone, and d6 for the basic Cult-Venerated capstone), normally I might show just the results.

The rolls shown above are not always the only ones. That is, the rolls shown above are those that are defined as being associated with the talents taken. However, if a particular talent looks like it could be applicable to a task, it might be included. I like to use the example of a cleric of the Divine Spider, when confronted with a poorly-maintained rope bridge, declaring that it reminds him of his time in the Great Web of the High Temple. This might let him lean on his ‘cleric cornerstone’ to eke out an additional die for his roll.

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