Sample Character: Devri Vannalat: Advantage Dice System

Another character from GreyKnight.

Devri Vannalat

Devri Vannalat is chief shaman of the Anouki tribe, who live in the frigid wastes of the distant north. His role in the tribe is to manage the tribe’s oral histories, provide healing (both supernatural and otherwise), and help locate the richest hunting/fishing grounds. He also uses ice magic to construct the tribe’s large dwellings and buildings, and provides other magical support. He is relaxed and confident, and tries to be diplomatic in his dealings with others. He is attempting to discover a way of animating ice statues to provide simple labour for the village.

Talents Chosen
Veteran (d8)

  • Capstone: Snow Shaman
  • Oratory
  • History
  • Healing Lore
  • Unshakeable
  • Domain: Life
  • Domain: Ice
  • Cornerstone: Shamanism (caster tradition)
Expert (d6)

  • Capstone: Medicine Man
  • Animal Handling
  • Brew Potion
  • Cornerstone: Steeped in Magic
Basic (d4)

  • Capstone: Memory Master
  • Architecture
  • Weapon Proficiency: Spear
  • Cornerstone: Nature’s Chosen


  • Level: 12 (Expert tier; nominal D&D/PFRPG 4)
  • Hit Points: 21 = 12+9 (level + tier*tier)
  • Magic Points: 15 =  12+3 (level + tier)
  • Base Roll: d8

Saves (base d8)

  • Fort: d8
  • Ref: d8
  • Will: 2d8 [Unshakeable]

Skills (base d8)

  • Oratory: 2d8+d4 [Oratory, Memory Master]
  • History: 2d8+d4 [History, Memory Master]
  • Healing: 2d8+d6 [Healing Lore, Medicine Man]
  • Animal Handling: 2d8+d4 [Nature’s Chosen, Animal Handling]
  • Architecture: d8+d4 [Architecture]

Combat (base d8)

  • Spear: d6+d2 [Weapon Proficiency]

Magic (base d8)

  • Divine Magic: 3d8 [Shamanism, Snow Shaman]
    • Ice Magic: 4d8 [Domain: Ice]
    • Life Magic: 4d8 [Domain: Life]
  • Potion Brewing: Basic Potions [Brew Potion]
    • Life Potion: 2d8+d6 [Domain: Life, Medicine Man]
    • Ice Potion: 2d8 [Domain: Ice]
    • Other potions: d8

Equipment and Property



This might be about as close as you get to a ‘cleric’ or ‘druid’… and it looks close enough to me. Devri Vannalat will be able to call on ice magic and life magic pretty reliably, and will be able to brew potions that literally let him ‘bottle spells’ for later use. I haven’t worked out the details of how magic works, let alone item creation, but I’m pretty sure Devri will be able to do more or less what GreyKnight expects him to be able to do.

This is probably a good opportunity to point out how the rolls shown above are only there for convenience, and don’t necessarily represent everything the character is good at. For instance, Devri Vannalat is probably really quite good at building igloos: he gets d8 as his tier die, but I’m quite certain I’d grant another d8 on the expectation that he would use his Ice Magic while building the igloo, and I’d have to think that a Snow Shaman would have the sort of skill and experience that would apply as well. This comes to 3d8, he should be able to build quite a comfortable igloo pretty easily.

Come to that, if he’s willing to spend a bit of magic he could probably whip up a spell to do it entirely, rather than depend on skill, and roll 4d8 instead of the 3d8. It’s not quite an Elsa-grade palace, and costs some casting resources, but it’ll be quicker than packing and cutting snow.

Conversely, if I were feeling a bit crowded for space I might drop the Architecture entry under skills, especially if the character is higher level and Architecture checks didn’t come up very often.

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