Sample Character: Amren-ja, Warrior-Queen

GreyKnight, one of the Echelon collaborators, did up a sample character. Note that most of the cornerstones and capstones are not yet defined, but I think they still suggest the shape of the character.  The common talents I think are all defined, each in one of the draft talent documents.  Because the undefined elements don’t directly stack with the scores and instead broaden the capabilities, they are not (mechanically) critical at this point.

Amren-ja, Warrior-Queen

Amren-ja is the warrior queen of the desert kingdom of Emon. The sight of her golden chariot racing across the battlefield, pulled by two great tigers, puts many weaker enemies to flight. She is proud and stubborn, often ignoring the advice of her counsellors when they ask her not to ride to war personally. She has no heirs, but refuses all suitors who come seeking her hand, having found no worthy warrior amongst them. Her preferred weapon is a great double-headed bronze axe, with her royal sigils applied in pure gold. She also wields the legendary golden Bow of Sand, an heirloom of her line.

13th-level (Master Tier)

  • Level Bonus: +6
  • Tier: +4
  • Max Training Bonus: +7
  • Martial Ability: +13 [Level Bonus + Martial Training Bonus, “Base Attack Bonus”]
  • Casting Ability: +6 [Level Bonus; no spells known]
  • HP: 104 [(Level + Martial Training Bonus) * Tier]
  • MP: 36 [(Level Bonus + Caster Training Bonus + WillModifier) * Tier; WillModifier = +3]
  • AC: 27 [10 + BAB 13 + armor +4]
  • Saves: Fortitude +6, Reflex +6, Will +12

Master Talents

Heroic Talents

Expert Talents

Basic Talents

  • Cult-Venerated (Capstone) [TBD]
  • Skill: Animal Handling [+4 to Animal Handling checks, Trained]
  • Armor Proficiency [New Talents, proficient with medium armor]
  • Noble Birth (Cornerstone) [TBD]


  • “Asp-skin”, mithril (gold-plated) scale mail of spell resistance
  • “Desert’s Bite”, bronze (gold-plated) greataxe of wounding
  • “The Bow of Sand”, flaming seeking golden longbow: Its owner takes no environmental damage from heat.
  • bronze throwing axes ×4
  • Quivered arrows×20
  • Golden jewelled headdress [3000gp]
  • Signet ring
  • Explorer’s outfit (worn)


  • Kingdom of Emon [small kingdom, probably a city-state smaller than a barony in more populous lands]


  • Golden chariot [1000gp] (remainder on/with chariot)
    • Tiger (Pehty)
    • Tiger (Shay)
    • Jewelled bronze tiger harnesses×2 [1000gp]
    • Masterwork bronze light shield (not normally used)
    • Silk Tent [25gp]
    • Bedroll
    • Trail rations×4
    • Waterskin×4
    • Hooded lantern
    • Oil flask×2
    • Tiger feed×5

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