Sample Character: Dorchfia: Advantage Dice System

One last character from GreyKnight, for now.


Dorchfia is a wild fairy, who habitually takes the form of a large black cat. She is vicious and aggressive towards “civilised” folk, whom she sees as a threat to her precious forests. She encourages the spirits of trees to grow into wild and terrifying shapes to deter trespassers, and creates many illusory lures and traps designed to ensnare those who dare enter her domain. She can be negotiated with if one can demonstrate one’s trustworthiness, but her standards are high and her tests severe. She respects those with enough guile or force to subdue her and will answer them truthfully, although she will escape at the first opportunity.

Talents Chosen
Heroic (d8)

  • Capstone: Lady of Shadowed Forms
  • Sphere: Plants
  • Sphere: Shapeshift
  • Sphere: Illusion
  • Magic Resistance
  • Thick Hide
  • Brutal Rending
  • Cornerstone: Vicious Fairy (martial tradition)
Expert (d6)

  • Capstone: Mistress of Mirages
  • Nature Lore
  • Iron Will
  • Cornerstone: Mystic Fairy (“caster tradition”)
Basic (d4)

  • Capstone: Speaker for the Trees
  • Stealth
  • Frightful Gaze
  • Cornerstone: Stonehearted
Pre-Basic (d2)

  • Capstone: Mana Thief
  • Acute Vision
  • Acrobatics
  • Cornerstone: Steeped in Magic


  • Level: 16 (Heroic tier; nominal D&D/PFRPG 8)
  • Hit Points: 32 = 16+16 (level + tier*tier)
  • Magic Points: 31 = 16+4+11 (level + tier + [Lady of Shadowed Forms, Sphere, Mystic Fairy])
  • Base Roll: d8

Saves (base d8)

  • Fort: d8
  • Ref: d8
  • Will: d8+d6 [heroic Iron Will]
    • d8+d6+d4 against emotional effects [Stonehearted]
  • vs. spells (Fort, Ref, or Will): 2d8 [Magic Resistance]

Skills (base d8)

  • Perception: d8+d2 [Acute Vision]
  • Nature Lore: d8+2d6+d4 [Nature Lore, Mystic Fairy, Speaker for the Trees]
  • Move Silently: d8+d4 [Stealth]
  • Acrobatics: d8+d2 [Acrobatics]
  • Intimidate: 2d8+d4 [Vicious Fairy, Frightful Gaze]

Combat (base d8)

  • Claws 3d8 [Vicious Fairy, Brutal Rending]

Magic (base d8)

  • Spell-like Abilities: d8+d6 [Mystic Fairy]
    • Shapeshift Sphere: 3d8+d6 [Sphere: Shapeshift, Lady of Shadowed Forms]
    • Illusion Sphere: 2d8+2d6 [Sphere: Illusion, Mistress of Mirages]
    • Plants Sphere: 2d8+d6 [Sphere: Plants]

Equipment and Property



Dorchfia leans more to the magic than Amren-ja, and more even than Devri Vannalat… which stands to reason, she’s a fairy. She’s also pretty vicious and ruthless, and in the grand tradition of fairies is not afraid at all to get her claws (and probably her teeth) bloody. I suspect she does not indulge herself in that very often, but it’s probably never not an option.

I’m not sure how ‘spell-like abilities’ will work. They will probably end up looking a lot like normal casting, with slightly different rules of application — closer to an alternate tradition than an entirely different mode of special ability. In any case, Dorchia is not a wizard or other studied caster, but instead the magic is in her blood and expresses itself in a few ways consistent with fairy lore. I’m a little surprised she doesn’t have Sphere: Charm, but I have the sense she isn’t particularly interested in being ‘liked’.

I might change Rending Claws from a combat style to a damage-modifying talent: instead of adding a die to her attack rolls, it adds a die to her damage rolls. I haven’t decided yet. Thick Hide probably acts much like natural armor, and I expect armor to provide damage reduction. She’s got about 2/3 the hit points Amren-ja has, but the Thick Hide will help (but still not be as good as Amren-ja’s Asp Skin, which is chain mail of spell resistance that grants both an armor bonus and magic resistance, without tying up talents… but can be taken away). On the other hand, being a fairy she likely suffers somewhat from vulnerability to iron (iron weapons get an extra die of damage, perhaps, and might inhibit her magic), so the thick hide might not be so helpful after all.


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