Dragons in Echelon, Part 6a: Red Dragon Spell List Appendix

The red dragons presented in this series use the same three spell lists: Dragon Caster Tradition, the Eldritch Thread of Blight, and the Red Dragon Spell Knowledge list.

These lists are not all complete, and will be expanded on later.

Dragon Caster Tradition

The Dragon Caster Tradition provides knowledge of the following spells.

  1. arcane markdetect magic
  2. comprehend languagesdispel magic (lesser)identify
  3. locate objectsee invisibility
  4. arcane sightdispel magicinvisibility purgesuggestion
  5. unknown
  6. unknown
  7. dispel magic (greater)
  8. arcane sight (greater)
  9. unknown
  10. unknown

Eldritch Thread of Blight

The Eldritch Thread of Blight provides knowledge of the following spells.

  1. unknown
  2. cause fearcolor sprayray of enfeeblement
  3. blindness/deafnessdaze monstertouch of idiocy
  4. rageray of exhaustionslow
  5. bestow cursecontagioncrushing despair
  6. blightfeeblemindwaves of fatigue
  7. disintegrateeyebiteflesh to stone
  8. insanitypower word blindwaves of exhaustion
  9. power word stunscintillating pattern
  10. energy drainpower word kill

Expert Power: Sickening Touch

At the eldritch weaver’s touch, any aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or outsider must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 eldritch weaver level + Wis modifier) or become sickened for 1d4+1 rounds.

Master Power: Ray of Nausea

As sickening touch, except that this power produces a ray up to 60 feet long that causes nausea in the target creature for 1d4+1 rounds.

Red Dragon Spell Knowledge

I might replace this more or less entirely with the Eldritch Thread of Fire, the spell lists overlap almost exactly. This list will likely need to be cut down, in many places it has more spells than I usually want for a Spell Knowledge talent. On the other hand, they are almost all to do with fire and burning things; while there are many spells, they don’t really have a wide variety of effect. For later consideration.

  1. cauterizeflare
  2. burning handscause fearflare burst
  3. boiling bloodburning gazeflaming spherepyrotechnics
  4. ash stormblinding ashexplosive runesmolten
  5. fire shieldfire trapwall of fire
  6. blessing of the salamanderbrimstone stormcarpet of fireenchanting flamesfire snake
  7. chains of firecontagious flameenergetic contingencyfind the pathfire impsincendiary cloud
  8. delayed blast fireballfirebrandpyroclastic vent
  9. discern locationfiery bombardmentfire stormring of firewall of lava
  10. elemental swarm (Fire only), fiery bodyheart of the volcano

Combined Spell List

These three talents are combined to provide the following list of spell knowledge.

  1. arcane markcauterizedetect magicflare
  2. burning handscause fearcolor spraycomprehend languagesdispel magic (lesser)flare burstidentifyray of enfeeblement
  3. blindness/deafnessboiling bloodburning gazedaze monsterflaming spherelocate objectpyrotechnicssee invisibilitytouch of idiocy
  4. arcane sightash stormblinding ashdispel magicexplosive runesinvisibility purgemoltenrageray of exhaustionslowsuggestion
  5. bestow cursecontagioncrushing despairfire shieldfire trapwall of fire
  6. blessing of the salamanderblightbrimstone stormcarpet of fireenchanting flamesfeeblemindfire snakewaves of fatigue
  7. chains of firecontagious flamedisintegratedispel magic (greater)energetic contingencyeyebitefind the pathfire impsflesh to stoneincendiary cloud
  8. arcane sight (greater)delayed blast fireballfirebrandinsanitypower word blindpyroclastic ventwaves of exhaustion
  9. discern locationfiery bombardmentfire stormring of firepower word stunscintillating patternwall of lava
  10. elemental swarm (Fire only), energy drainfiery bodyheart of the volcanopower word kill


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