Dawnforge Race Reference

Dawnforge was one of the semi-finalists in the “new D&D setting” contest done by Wizards of the Coast about ten years ago (the one Eberron ultimately won), and ever since it was published by Fantasy Flight Publishing I’ve really liked it.

This setting focuses on mythic heroism, to the point that there are many resources available to characters to make them awesome.

Key among them are the chances made to character races.  They are no longer decisions you make at character creation and forget about except to remember a few modifiers, they have relevance (and mechanical impact) through much of your characters career.  In addition to the initial racial traits, at each level up to tenth you gain either a racial talent or a racial transformation.

This really appealed to me, a character’s race was involved in your character’s development beyond first level, and in a way that accommodated powerful abilities without involving Level Adjustment.  This was part of my earlier class framework efforts, and I knew since I started Echelon I’d be coming here eventually for racial material.

This is a working reference document.  It does not yet contain talents (despite the templates at the back).  It does, however, contain all racial traits, talents, and transformations I could find in the Dawnforge campaign materials I have.  I expect to mine these heavily in developing racial cornerstones, common talents, and capstones.

I have not yet included the feats and prestige classes.  I expect to be back for them, though, there is a lot more material I can make use of there.

Echelon Dawnforge Races Reference
Echelon Dawnforge Races Reference, click to download PDF

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