Second Draft Talents: Divine Talents from Agents of Faith

After posting the Eldritch Thread Talents earlier today, I have updated the divine talents posted a few days ago to include the domain spells.

I’m not entirely certain how I want to apply them, but I have a few ideas.

  1. Characters who take the divine talent domains can safely use spell completion and spell trigger items with the spells of their chosen domain talents, to the tier they have taken the talent.
  2. Characters who have high enough Caster Training Bonus who take these domains learn the spells up to the tier they have taken the talent.
  3. I may have just found a cost-effective way to make ‘full casters’ dedicated to their gods.  Much like the Eldritch Threads, create “Thread of {God}” talents for each god.  The spells are all drawn from the spells of the god, and like other thread talents additional powers may be granted.  This provides a convenient place to hang powers specific and unique to each god.

This means that at ‘dedicated caster’ of a particular god can, for the cost of three talents (two common and one cornerstone) be a full caster with just the spells of his god.  This leaves a fair bit of room for other things, such as expanded casting knowledge via other Eldritch thread talents, increased divine channelling options via more domains (the spell knowledge granted by the domain talents is ‘redundant’, true) or other things entirely (martial training, skill-based talents, and so on).

Holy warriors, on the other hand, might focus on combat ability (Martial Training and combat-related talents) and just take a couple of domain talents (and may or may not be casters at all).  They “don’t use” all the talent offers, but don’t pay the cost needed to — and can still use spell completion and spell trigger items anyway, so can make use of magic items produced by their church.  If they do choose to become casters they may, with limited access to direct casting.

I haven’t actually tried it yet, but should.  This feels pretty good.

Echelon Divine Talents Draft
Echelon Divine Talents Draft 2012/11/25, click to download PDF

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