Possible Course Change

I realized last night I may be trying to do this the hard way, at least as far as talent design is concerned.

I’ve been trying to define talents in their entirety, up to Legendary.  That’s six tiers of geometrically-increasing awesome, and it can be difficult to find good upper-end powers.

This is all well and cool, but it gets to be a challenge and is keeping me from moving forward as I’d like.

I have been reading (well, skimming) the Dragon Age box sets this weekend and it occurred to me that maybe segmenting horizontally instead of vertically might be a better approach for now.

That is, instead of trying to nail down the entire magic system (or one, at least; Echelon can pretty readily handle multiple magic systems) and the entire combat system, and so on, I focus on getting the lower tiers together.  I can fill in the higher tiers later, and might even do so while working on the lower-tier stuff if I feel inspired, but I shouldn’t be trying to force it right now.

I’ll still think about how things will likely fit together at higher levels, but for now I think I’ll see more progress if I leave out the detail.

I’m thinking of working primarily in three tier-sets:

  • Basic + Expert (up to eighth level, D&D 3.5 fourth level)
  • Heroic + Master (ninth through sixteenth level, D&D 3.5 fifth through twelfth level)
  • Champion + Legendary (seventeenth through twenty-fourth level, D&D 3.5 thirteenth through twentieth level).

I think this will let me bootstrap the game faster so it can be played, at least at low level.

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