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I have been posting information about Echelon to my blog site for quite a while now and it is becoming somewhat incoherent.  The blog is set up more or less train of thought (as I think of a topic and write for it, it gets posted), other posts are mixed in with it (such as a recent series of articles I did on campaign and scenario design), and from time to time I will revise a topic I had posted earlier and supersede the article with a new one.

All things considered, my blog might make for interesting reading  and conversation, but it’s not very good for reading about Echelon if you haven’t been keeping up.

I’ll be honest — I sometimes forget where I am on certain topics and have to look them up.

I have created this site so I can present Echelon in a structured format and with the latest versions of the various topics.  For instance, I recently revised the Shield Proficiency talent based on feedback.  My blog has the original version and the updated version, but this site has only the (current) final version, stored under “Combat Talents”.


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